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Distance learning continuing education FORMACIÓN CONTINUA - ENSEÑANZA A DISTANCIA PARA ADULTOS FORMACIÓN CONTINUA - ENSEÑANZA A DISTANCIA PARA ADULTOS FORMATION CONTINUE - ENSEIGNEMENT À DISTANCE POUR ADULTES Distance learning continuing education Distance learning continuing education Distance learning continuing education Distance learning continuing education
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    Continuing Education

  • Continuing Education

    Continuing Education

Distance learning continuing education


It does not matter if you are seeking continuing education for self-enrichment and recreation, career advancement, or company training. In either case, Bircham International University continuing education offers a great variety of continuing education in all types of subjects ranging range from management, business, communicationshumanities, artspsychologynatural health, therapiescomputerssciencestechnology to engineering among many others. Bircham International University continuing education also applies a friendly and effective distance learning education pedagogical methodology that will allow you to study at your own pace, free of exams pressure, and earn the corresponding continuing education course credits and certificate.


Many companies and people are finding out, especially today, that the only way to gain professional efficacy and back up specialized skills is by having a competitive high education degree(s). Bircham International University adult distance learning continuing education has proven to be ideal for company training and/or to fulfill certain requirements at work. The target population is formed by those individuals who are bound by demanding obligations and/or have little time and money to spare on continuing education.


Continuing education demonstrates an unquestionable level of willpower, responsibility, motivation, and capacity for self-improvement. These skills are highly appreciated at the workplace.




Formación Continua



Bircham International University adult distance learning continuing education does not imply painful memorization techniques. Instead, it teaches students how to think critically, increasing thus their intellectual capacity. Adult distance learning continuing education leads the student to a private and personal learning experience. What are assessed are the student's thinking process and not his data memorization. Bircham International University innovative methodology makes home studying achievable, time-effective, and highly productive. Bircham International University adult distance learning continuing education emphasizes quality and not quantity. It draws its concept from real-life experiences and content-specific material, avoiding superfluous details. Thus, students efficiently achieve full command and real-life skills in different areas as well as practical application of the acquired know-how.


The aim of an efficient adult continuing education should be to teach us HOW to think, rather than WHAT to think.


A degree earned in the past does not ensure the persistence of its knowledge in our memory. Continuing education is the best way to keep our professional or vocational know-how updated and to prepare ourselves for any career or interests shifts. Learning does not come to the end the day you receive your diploma. It is a lifelong and enriching process, and adult distance learning continuing education is undoubtedly the best tool to cope with it.




How do I study a Bircham University Continuing Education Course?


The continuing education course is offered completely by distance learning. You study from home. You do not need to attend any examination center. First, you need to select the course of your interest and then fill out and submit the application for enrollment, no charges involved. There are no admission fees for continuing education accredited courses. Once you confirm your enrollment, Bircham University will provide you with the corresponding course textbook by post. The cost of the book is included in the course fee. You have to read this text and write a report according to the instructions provided. For more information about how to do the report or the Bircham University pedagogy; you should read the BIU study guide. This written report constitutes the course exam, so when you submit the written report after reading the assigned book, you will earn the continuing education course credits and receive the corresponding course professional accredited certificate. If you do not get the minimum passing grade, you will be asked to repeat the report and you will receive the appropriate feedback to help you improve. Bircham University offers a tutoring and guidance system that is also explained in the study guide.



Continuing Education Course Certificate


After successful completion of the continuing education course required report, you will get a Professional Certificate issued by Bircham University with 7 CEUs Continuing Education Units equivalent to 5 semester credits. You will also get an additional 9 ECTS Credits certificate issued by the Education Quality Accreditation Commission.

The European Union is taking the steps for the future recognition of non-formal and independent learning. The Education Quality Accrediting Commission is advancing this policy by providing formal recognition through ECTS Credits Certificates for non-formal independent learning and training like the one that may be acquired at Bircham International University. ECTS credits course certificates facilitate academic credit recognition.


ACCREDITED COURSES (5 credits = 7 CEUs = 9 ECTS credits)

Duration ranges from 3 to 6 months.

Program Structure: 100% based on textbooks.

Applicants over 19 years of age are eligible for enrollment.

Payment plans are available at your corresponding BIU Office.

The final exam consists in writing one 20 to 35 pages report based on the published textbook assigned.

Accredited Course Tuition Fee is 500 Euros (or 700 US$)

Course fee includes textbook, evaluation, Course Professional Certificate, and EQAC ECTS Credits Certificate.


1 CEU Continuing Education Unit = 10 hours of study and/or work

1 BIU ACADEMIC CREDIT = 15 hours of notional learning = 30 hours of study

1 ECTS ACADEMIC CREDIT = 25 to 30 hours of study and/or work


Accredited Course Credit Equivalency Chart:

1 Course = 5 BIU Earned Credits = 5 USA Semester Credit = 7 CEUs  = 9 ECTS Credit 


Credit hours of study composition is the following:

  • 40% - Reading & comprehension
  • 30% - Data organization & writing
  • 20% - Review & formatting. Examples, case studies, etc.
  • 10% - Conclusion & opinion. Critical thinking.

The corresponding course learning outcomes are described in the each distance learning continuing education course information and achieved after submitting the required written report (20 to 35 pages).




Distance learning continuing education certificate samples




Distance learning continuing education courses list


Bircham International University offers a great variety of continuing education courses through distance learning. These accredited courses provide a practical company training and continuing education in a number of professional specialization from management, business, communications, humanities, arts, psychology, natural health, therapies, computers, sciences, technology, engineering, and others.

These course lists are not comprehensive. There are over one thousand accredited courses prepared at Bircham University, so if you do not find the subject you are looking for, do not hesitate to ask. 


You may enroll at any distance learning continuing education course from anywhere in the world and at any time of the year. 









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